Digital Books by Request

Despite the range of over 300,000 relevant media from the CATS Library / South Asia Department, it is possible that a title you need is missing from our stocks or a book has not yet been digitized. In such a case, please let us know which book you request and we will take care of procuring or digitizing the volume free of charge for you.

Purchase Request

You couldn't find the book you were looking for in the inventory of the CATS Library / South Asia Department? Would you like to suggest a book that you urgently need for your research? Do not hesitate to send us your purchase request (German) and we will try to obtain the title for you free of charge.

Digital Books by Request "South Asia"

Are you looking for the digital version of a publication? Then use our demand-oriented, free digitization offer. For digitization, you can suggest titles with a connection to South Asia from the stocks of Heidelberg University Library and the CATS Library / South Asia Department, and we will check whether we can digitize it for you. The digitized books are made available in Open Access via our "Literature on South Asia – digitized" collection. The following titles can be digitized:

  • Books in the public domain, i.e. titles whose authors have been dead for more than 70 years
  • You are the author yourself and grant us the simple rights of use for digitizing an article or a monograph. In this case the rights of the publisher may have to be checked.
  • Other works, but only if the rights have been checked with the authors and the publishers.

We would be happy to advise and support you in questions of rights clearance.


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