Purchase Request and Digitisation on Demand

The CATS Library / South Asia Department holds and continually develops its collection of more than 300.000 items. Maybe there’s still something you’d like to see the library buy or digitise.

Purchase Request

You’re welcome to suggest an item that we should consider for purchase (purchase request).

Digitisation on Demand "South Asia"

You’d like us to add some item to our collections of digitised books or articles freely available under an open license?
(Literature on South Asia – digitised)

We can digitise out-of-copyright texts, i.e. titles whose authors died more than 70 years ago.

If you are the author of an earlier print publication that you propose for digitisation you have to grant a simple right of use (not an exclusive -see § 31 German Copyright Act). The rights acquired by your first publisher mustn’t contradict the free access to the electronic resource.

Rights clearance is essential. We assist you with your inquiries.


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