Resources for Your Research

Here you will find a compilation of relevant library catalogues, article databases and bibliographies for research in the fields of South Asian studies and indology. The list of resources is constantly updated and new data sources are added.

Library Catalogues

  • HEIDI: The Heidelberg online catalog HEIDI lists the stocks of the CATS library on Asian Studies. External users can order monographs from the catalog via the document delivery service Subito or the blue interlibrary loan system.
  • K10plus: The K10plus union catalog is the freely accessible section of the K10plus union database. The catalog contains proof of ownership of books, journals, articles, conference reports, microforms, electronic documents, data carriers, music and maps. Important libraries with South Asian scientific and Indological stocks are connected to the K10plus union catalogue, such as the UL Heidelberg, CATS Library, UL Tübingen, SUL Göttingen and the Berlin State Library.
  • CrossAsia Search: The CrossAsia search offers two complementary search areas: The first search area with more than 100 million bibliographic data refers to all materials that can be borrowed via CrossAsia either analogously (e.g. via the Blue Loan Service) or electronically. Relevant bibliographic data from providers and libraries - including the South Asia collection of the CATS Library - are continuously integrated into this search index. The second search area offers an extension to national and subject-relevant international catalogs and databases such as German associations, COPAC with the evidence of most British Asia collections or other European and Asian collections and databases.

Article Databases

  • Online Contents South Asia: The OLC South Asia database indexes the contents of relevant journals. More than 290 journals are currently being evaluated, usually from the year of publication 1993. The database currently contains around 269,000 articles and reviews from the field of South Asia. An overview of the journals evaluated can be found here: List of journals.
  • Online Contents Asia and North Africa: The OLC Asia and North Africa database is a section of the Online Contents database relating to the regions of East and Southeast Asia, the Near East and South Asia. It offers access to over 651,700 articles and reviews from 637 journals currently evaluated, many of them retrospectively from the year of publication 1993. You can find an overview of the journals evaluated here: List of journals.
  • SARDS 3: SARDS3 is a bibliographic database with references to articles from journals, anthologies, conference proceedings, commemorative publications. SARDS3 focuses on the humanities and social sciences. So far, over 93,000 pieces of evidence can be researched electronically, covering the period from 1797 to 2000.

Digital Libraries

  • BASE: BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) is one of the world's largest search engines for academic web documents. The index includes over 300 million documents from over 9,000 data suppliers. The full texts of more than half of the indexed documents are open access.
  • FID4SA-Repository: The full-text server of the Specialized Information Service South Asia - FID4SA offers researchers worldwide the opportunity to publish their texts in electronic form free of charge in the sense of Open Access. All types of publications (e.g. monographs, articles, lectures) from the field of South Asian Studies and Indology can be archived at FID4SA-Repository.
  • Open Research Library: The Open Access platform was initiated by the service provider Knowledge Unlatched (KU) together with BiblioLabs and is intended to bundle all available OA books under one search and hosting interface. In addition to monographs and anthologies, it also contains journals, videos and posters - also from South Asian studies.
  • South Asian Ephemera: The South Asian Ephemera Collection is an open-access repository of South Asian "grey literature" covering a wide variety of subjects and languages. The collection consists primarily of contemporary ephemera and objects from the second half of the 20th century. Common genres in the collection include brochures, leaflets, and pamphlets.
  • South Asian Newspapers: The South Asian Newspapers collection contains articles dating back to the 1850s. She documents conflicts, contemporary perspectives on independence movements, early statehood, and the extensive economic and social growth that took place in the region during this period. The South Asian Newspapers content covers multiple countries and languages of South Asia.

Specialized Bibliographies

  • Naval Kishore Press Bibliography: The bibliography serves as a central reference tool for books and journals published by the North Indian publishing house Naval Kishore Press, founded in 1858. The aim of the bibliography is to facilitate access to the publishing house's works that are distributed in library collections worldwide. Some of the approximately 3,600 entries refer to digitized, freely accessible editions.
  • Odisha Bibliography: The Odisha Bibliography provides a targeted, subject-focused listing of research literature on the history, culture, religion and politics of the Indian state of Odisha/Orissa. It currently contains approx. 4,500 bibliographical entries from the reporting period 1980ff. and will be continuously supplemented with further entries. In addition to monographs and journal articles, the bibliography also contains links to electronic, freely accessible documents.
  • RelBib: RelBib is a comprehensive, academic online bibliography for religious studies. This is available to interested users free of charge (Open Access), worldwide and without login. In RelBib you will find references to monographs, articles and reviews, electronic journals and digital content available free of charge as well as databases relevant to religious studies, websites, weblogs etc.