Naval Kishore Press Bibliography

The Naval Kishore Press (NKP) was founded in the North Indian city of Lucknow in 1858 by Munshi Naval Kishore (1836-1895). Over the next four decades the press developed into one of the most important publishing companies in India. During Naval Kishore's lifetime, the press published approximately 5,000 titles in Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, and English. In terms of content, the publishing portfolio covered a wide range - literature in regional languages, school books, conduct and advice literature, religion, texts from classical Sanskrit literature, literature on Islam, on Indian medicine, Quran editions and translations of English classics such as the plays of William Shakespeare were published.

The Naval Kishore Press collection at the CATS Library / Dep. South Asia comprises around 2,300 titles (of which 742 titles are on microfilm), which is a representative cross-section of the production of this important publishing house.

The Naval Kishore Press Bibliography serves as a provenance database for the press' printed works. The aim of the bibliography is to document holdings distributed in libraries worldwide in a central database. In addition to the Heidelberg collection, around 1,100 titles of the Naval Kishore Press that are available at the Bodleian Library in Oxford, are also documented. Digitized and freely accessible works can be accessed directly from the bibliography.

Currently, the Naval Kishore Press bibliography contains approximately 3,600 bibliographic entries.

The titles are catalogued and indexed by subject in the union catalog K10Plus using authority data from the Integrated Authority File (Gemeinsame Normdatei, GND). The presentation uses the discovery system VuFind, which was developed as open-source software.


Naval Kishore Press Bibliography


Selected works from the collection have been digitized and made available online as searchable full-text versions in Devanāgarī script as well as in Latin transliteration. A search term found via the full-text search is made visible in the facsimile and the OCR text by highlighting the text passage on line-level.

A high-quality OCR PDF file of the image facsimile is also available for download, with two versions of the text stored in the background (Devanāgarī and transliteration). This means that the PDF file can be searched in both scripts.

The FID4SA uses innovative, AI-based methods to generate the searchable full texts and relies on the potential of the Transkribus platform developed as part of the READ project. You can find more information on our work with Transkribus in our portal under Werkstatt.


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